We ‘ V K Artist Management’ with over 10+ years of experience of managing celebrities and curating live music events for brands, individuals as well as auditoriums, bring some fantastic artists  to you for a memorable and highly entertaining events.

Our PRIMARY SERVICE is curating live music and artists performances as per requirements of your occasion, However with our expert team of composers, lyrics writers and arrangers we can effortlessly deliver you - personalised music services such as composing, writing and even producing an exclusive song for your event or loved one.

When it comes to Music, be it sound arrangement, studio recordings or even international artists booking - we will take care of everything you need.


We are currently home to to 5 established and several independent musicians from Mumbai. Each unique in its quality and genre – we have music varying from the sufis of north, garba of Gujarat, folk of Maharashtra till melodious south. 

Services for Artists

  • Consulting: career guidance, counselling, evaluation of resources and allocation guidance
  • Administration management
  • Generating business for: Studio recordings and Live shows
  • Legal Support / Copyrights and Royalty Consultation 
  • Digital marketing strategies and administration / PR assistance 
  • Assisting in Producing and Releasing Albums across the globe